2012-02-21 10:25:24 : : Still alive!

Just noticed I didn't post a single news update since in all of 2011. So... Uh, still here, still alive, still actively updating something or other. Just not really posting news items very often, since I don't think many people even visit the homepage.

2010-12-17 12:55:41 : : OmniGen added

I've added OmniGen to the scripts section

2010-10-28 08:41:09 : : Doomgate Legion added to Thunderstone Randomizer

I've added the new Thunderstone expansion, Doomgate Legion, to the randomizer.

2010-09-09 12:44:07 : : Thundermaster

I've just released Thundermaster, the intelligent randomizer for Thunderstone.

2010-05-29 13:16:31 : : Dominion randomizer updated again

I've added the new promo card, Stash, as well as made some tweaks.

2010-05-05 04:33:13 : : Dominion randomizer updated for Alchemy

The Dominion Randomizer has been updated with Alchemy.

2010-04-23 15:00:30 : : Quartermaster updated

Thanks to the efforts of Patch and René Winter, items from Adventurer's Vault 2 are now available in Quartermaster.